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*Limited Low Price*【海底捞】Haidilao 各种口味 火锅底料 汤底 上汤 麻辣 清汤 番茄 三鲜 牛油 火锅蘸料 东炎
Price RM8.20 - RM8.90 RM10.90 - RM11.60
Brand Haidilao
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海底捞火锅底料 HaiDiLao HotPot Seasoning Soup Base

1. 上汤三鲜火锅底料 Shrimp soup hotpot seasoning -200g Exp:6/10/2023
2. 番茄火锅底料 Tomato soup hotpot  seasoning -200g  (3~5人份) Exp: 2/12/2023
3. 麻辣清油火锅底料 Mala soup hotpot seasoning -220g Exp:2/2/2024
4. 清汤火锅底料 Broth soup hotpot seasoning -110g (3~5人份) Exp: 5/9/2023
5.浓香牛油火锅底料 Beef Tallow hotpot seasoning - 150g
6.菌汤火锅汤底 Mushroom Flavour Hotpot seasoning - 110g (3~5人份) Exp: 6/12/2023

7.咖喱虾风味火锅底料 Curry Prawn Flavor Hotpot Sauce -160g (3~5人份) Exp: 20/07/2023

8.东炎火锅底料 Tom Yam Hotpot Sauce - 180g (3~5人份) Exp: 19/10/2023


推荐人数:3 ~ 5人

汤底食用方法:将 1L ~ 1.5L 的水和底料一起放入锅中煮。

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16 February 2023

Order yesterday (07/12/12), received today (08/12/12). Fruit fresh, packing nice, customer service friendly and delivery driver

2 February 2023

Taste:Good Freshness:It's like they have just been harvested.

2 February 2023

Taste:Delicious Freshness:Still green upon receipt; ready for eating after 4 days.

2 February 2023

Taste:Chewy Quality:Very good First time bought it Easy to cook and taste good

2 February 2023