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SengKuang (800g-1.2kg) 沙葛/凉薯 | Dr.fruit /Jicama/Yam Bean
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Jicama/SengKuang is a large and bulbous root vegetable. Its skin is thick and brown in color, with very juicy white crunchy flesh. It can be consumed either raw or cooked (but best eaten raw for its optimum health benefits). Jicama is pronounced as hee-ka-ma. It is also known by names like yam bean, Mexican water chestnut, Mexican potato, Mexican turnip, yacon or best known in Malaysia for Seng Kuang. The skin of jicama is thick but it’s easy to peel. Wash it under running water to clean off the excess soil, before peeling off its skin.


Nutritional Benefits

Jicama is rich with vitamins A, C, K and the B vitamins. There is a good balance of sodium and potassium present in jicama, making it useful for alkalizing the blood. Minerals in this vegetable are calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese and zinc.

Health Benefits

Health benefits of jicama are many. It is an ideal food for health whether eaten raw or cooked. It is low in calories, cholesterol and fats, and has excellent anti-oxidant and an anti-inflammatory properties.


  1. Breathlessness and asthma: Jicama contains high anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that are helpful for relieving breathlessness and asthma.
  2. Cold and flu: Including jicama in your daily juice fix helps prevent cold and flu. Jicama juice is dense-packed with a tremendous amount of healthful properties that make a great immunity booster drink
  3. Bruising and swelling: Deficiency of vitamin C can cause bruising and swelling problems for some people. So taking in jicama can solve deficiency problems of that result in easy bruising and swelling.
  4. Immune system: Include jicama as your regular juice ingredient to benefit from its overall medicinal properties that provide support to strengthen the immune system. A strong immune system prevents many health problems.
  5. Nose bleeding: Nose bleeding is caused by weak capillaries. The high vitamin C content in jicama supports and help strengthen capillary damages, thus reducing the risks of nose bleeding.
  6. Skin health: Regular consumption of jicama help improve skin tone and helps wounds heal faster, giving the skin a healthier appearance.
  7. Weight loss snack: As an extremely low calorie food, jicama can be chosen as a weight loss snack item, thus helping you reduce the intake of calories in the body.

The use of Jicama in our daily life

If you ask a Malaysian, jicama or seng kuang is normally use in foods and i believe you can name some of it too. Below is some picture of super nice foods that use jicama as its ingredients, enjoys.

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w**** *****i

Barang diterima dalam keadaan baik dan sempurna dengan pembungkusan yang elok. Harga murah. Tak perlu pegi beli kat kedai lagi; jimat masa dan tenaga. Just order online barang sampai depan pintu. Kualiti produk adalah TERBAIK. Inilah sarapan saya setiap hari. Tq seller, Tq bro yg membuat penghantaran

22 November 2022
C***** ***w

received in good condition! Good packaging

22 November 2022

Taste:Mildly sweet Freshness:Looks fresh enough Big and solid. Thank you seller for the quick delivery. Will buy from you again.

20 September 2022

This looks good and well worth the price. Thank you seller for the quick delivery. Will buy from you again.

20 September 2022